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General Information

General Info


Title Dates and DP Numbers

Stage 1

Stage 2


Developers Dwelling Approval

To ensure consistent quality housing, purchasers are required to obtain written approval from SEL for any dwelling prior to making an application for building consent to Christchurch City Council.

Documents required for Developers Approval:

  • Site Plan
  • Floor Plan - Floor size must be shown
  • Elevations - Exterior cladding must be shown
  • Roof Plan
  • Lot & DP number must be on the plans - DP number is on your Sales & Purchase Agreements or above
  • Email to

 It is the vendors obligation to keep the original dwelling approval on file.  Any request for a re issue of a dwelling approval will incur an administration cost.


Dimension Plans

Stage 1  Stage 2


Engineering Plan

Engineering Plan





Geotech Report

These sections are TC2, an individual site specific geotech report, verifying the rating will be supplied to each purchaser as soon as the earthworks are completed and the tests can be carried out, approximately December 2018.

Below is a subdivision walkover geotech report, this is not site specific.

Geotech  Site Specific Geotech - Example



The vendor will have all boundary fences erected (excluding road frontages and ROW access boundaries) at a discounted price.  The cost to the purchaser is a set price of $2,300.00 plus GST per section, any section with only 2 fenced boundaries will be at a cost of $1,800.00 plus GST.  The cost of fencing will be paid by the purchaser upon settlement.

The Christchurch City Council require visibility splays on right of ways that service more than 3 lots.  For full details please see the Subdivision Consent (28.1).



Low Pressure Sewer System

As part of our Subdivision Consent, the Christchurch City Council require the installation of a low pressure sewer system for the following lots 40, 55 - 74 & 84 - 106. An E-One unit will be supplied for each section at no cost to the purchaser, on the condition the low pressure sewer system is installed within 4 years from the issue of the new title and the section is purchased directly from Suburban Estates Ltd.

Information Summary  EcoFlow E/One Home Owner Dossier 

EcoFlow Brochure  Example Deed to CCC


Subdivision Consent

Consent  Consent Plans 

Extra Consent approving 2m Tree Setbacks


LIM & Head Title

LIM  Head Title